Spare Parts: 3 Reasons the OEM Is the Right Choice for You

Is it best to buy spare parts from the OEM or through dealers, distributors or VAR’s?  The debate continues as to which is the most beneficial from a business and cost standpoint. Here are three reasons the OEM is the right choice:

No One Knows Your Product Better

Ask yourself, who truly knows more about the product? The strongest argument is for the OEM, based on the logic that the people who built it should be the people who fix it.  This is especially true when it applies to highly engineered industrial products that are complex to manufacture and require multiple parts to operate.  Victory Energy’s line of industrial boilers and HRSGs fall directly into this segment.

Victory Energy makes it a point to know your boiler systems and processes.  Long- standing service relationships have been established that extend to all spare and critical parts strategies that’s beneficial.  Keeping boilers operational and running at peak efficiency is what drives the Victory Energy End Market group.


An OEM Provides Expert Guidance

Having a well-thought-out spare and critical parts strategy is fundamentally important to avoiding unplanned shutdowns.

Victory Energy views its customer relationships from a “customer for life” viewpoint.  With competitive pricing and expert knowledge, you’ll have the confidence in knowing you have the correct part and the right solution.

Your OEM Is Your One-Stop Shop

Instead of calling three or four distributors for different parts, wasting, often critical, time and resources, it only takes one phone call to Victory Energy.

We have tremendous buying power with parts manufactured for use in its boiler systems.  We can expedite product where distributors normally can’t push the manufacturer.  We can make sure you have the right part, with the right fit when you need it most.

There is a place for OEM’s in the procurement of spare and critical parts.  It must include a customer- centric mentality that is all about keeping their products operational and contributing to production and revenue gains.  It’s an approach that customers are increasingly looking to Victory Energy to provide.

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