The Case for In-House Logistics

When considering all the logistics challenges that a major industrial boiler project presents, it is mind boggling with the complexity that appears at every turn.  There is so much to take into account when determining how to lift, safely secure, move and deliver an industrial boiler.  Where other boiler companies choose to employ an “on the fly” logistical strategy using third- party suppliers, Victory Energy goes all in on logistics with a laser focus that’s an in-house competency. Customers benefit from this dedicated offering across many different perspectives.


True Logistics Professionals – All In

Led by Director of Transportation Jeff VanderMass, the Victory Energy logistics team has years of experience across every facet of logistics support, ranging from holding Class A CDL licenses to rigging training from the NCCOO – the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators.  Logistics is an integral element in every project.  It is always forethought; never an afterthought ─ a true point of difference.

Using Internal Logistical Assets

Rather than relying solely on outside transportation companies, Victory Energy owns and maintains a fleet of equipment.  Many times, boiler deliveries are made by Victory Energy employees driving the rig.  It is all part of paying off on the company’s “concept to completion” promise of being with the project right to the delivery on site.   VEO has a personal interest in seeing the project through to completion.  It’s never left up to someone else or jobbed out.  It’s our product and we’re always behind the logistics of delivering it to the final destination.

A Solutions Mentality Drives Everything

Victory Energy boilers are shipped all over the world by every conceivable transportation method.  The company has two rail spurs that connect directly from the plant to the major railroad carriers – UP (Union Pacific) and BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe).  Shipping boilers via rail car is increasingly more difficult and stringent where tight space constraints need to be addressed.   Having a great ongoing day-to- day working relationship with the railroad helps work through these challenges.  Many Victory Energy boilers are shipped by barge out of the Tulsa Port of Catoosa.  Stacking boilers on barges is not a job for the uninitiated.  There is no set way or one-size-fits-all mentality by which boilers are shipped.  It is solutions based that is always right for the project and the customer.

Going the Extra Mile

Victory Energy places GPS Impact Recorders on every shipment to enable real tracking for the product on its journey to the customer.  The recorder also provides feedback on how roughly or smoothly the product has been handled during the trip to the final destination.  It’s a value addition that demonstrates the care and commitment that Victory Energy takes in providing logistical support.

With each boiler that Victory Energy sells, every logistics consideration is factored in and done in-house and done right by a dedicated team of transportation and logistical experts that live and embrace the challenges of transporting boiler products.   Logistics is a way of life at Victory Energy.

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About Victory Energy
Victory Energy is a single-source solutions provider for all types of industrial boilers; watertube packages, HRSG waste heat recovery solutions, firetube and solar powered units backed by superior service and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Victory Energy also offers custom steam boiler solutions through advanced technologies and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

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