Gas Turbine Heat Recovery Steam Generators: 101

By now, you likely know that Victory Energy is an industry leader in industrial steam generation. Over the last two decades, Victory has supplied steam solutions to a vast number of industries and an even wider array of applications. It’s important to realize that “steam solutions” can be realized in many different ways, depending on unique customer steam requirements. One such way is through the implementation of Gas Turbine Heat Recovery Steam Generators or, GT-HRSG’s.

As its name alludes to, Heat Recovery Steam Generators take the heat that would otherwise go unused and generates steam. As exhaust heat leaves a gas turbine it enters the HRSG. When the hot exhaust enters the HRSG, additional burners are used to further heat a series of water tubes, which generate steam. HRSG’s can be configured to provide saturated or superheated steam from 5,000 PPH to 500,000 PPH in a single modular system.

Heat Recovery Steam Generators Diagram

The internal workings of Heat Recovery Steam Generators

HRSG’s are ideal for applications which can benefit from additional steam to supplement large demand swings. When the price of electricity reaches a point to justify the additional operation of a GT-HRSG, the unit is brought online to satisfy the uptick in demand. When the additional steam generation is not cost justified, HRSG’s can be outfitted with diverter valves to regulate inlet flow. This allows the gas turbine to stay in operation if there is no steam demand, or if the HRSG needs to be taken offline for routine maintenance.

GT-HRSG’s add a great deal of flexibility to power plants. They allow plants to utilize waste heat when it makes sense for them. Without an HRSG, in times of peak demand, power plants are missing out on gains that could be realized if an HRSG was in operation at their facility.

How do I get started?

We realize that Heat Recovery Steam Generators will need to be cost justified with top management in your organization before your project can truly begin. Let us help you in this justification. Call Victory Energy to speak with an industry leader in steam solutions: (918)-274-0023. We know the questions to ask we will help you make your case for the justification of an HRSG at your power plant. For more information about GT-HRSG’s visit

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